What our Clients Say about Us

Rachael from Liverpool:
This  was my first visit to Dr Shazeya. Delighted with my Botox Results. I  have comments from my friends on how well I look. I will not hesitate  returning to her and have recommended her to friends. Thank you

Kendal from Salford:
I  came to Dr Shazeya s Clinic and had my lips done. Very happy with the  results . Very professional, I was made to feel very relaxed and was  fully informed of the procedure. I had this procedure done in other  clinics but I would definitely recommend her over others and would be  returning.

Karen from Manchester:
My skin looks Great. Thank you

Gurpreet from Manchester:
I  had my forehead done and I must say that she has done an excellent job.  Its great knowing that you have the botox  done by a trustworthy   doctor/ health professional , who knows what she is doing