Wrinkle Relaxation

Sorrel Bank Clinic Salford Manchester

What is wrinkle relaxation with Botulinum toxin

The most popular procedure in the clinic along with dermal fillers . Botulinum toxin A ( Botox/ Azzalure/ Bocouture brands) is a naturally  found protein that temporarily relaxes the muscles , hence softening the fine lines and wrinkles.  As they says prevention is better than cure , get the area treated before deep lines are formed. Wrinkle relaxation injections work better for upper face lines. Miniscule amounts are injected into targeted areas of concern and the effect lasts from 3to 6 months

Wrinkle Relaxation Salford Clinic

Prices including VAT and 2 week follow up

The most effective wrinkle reducing treatment on the market. Prices start from only £100 for 1 area

1 Area (Frown Lines / Glabellar complex, Forehead lines/ Frontalis Muscle or Crows feet / Orbicularis Oculi)                                        £100

2  Areas ,any two of the above                                                         £180

3 Areas, three of the above                                                              £230

Gummy Smile                                                                                     £100

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Why Choose Dr Shazeya's Clinic

At our clinic we use the best available products and expert hands to deliver it. All options are discussed with you prior to the procedure, a detailed medical history taken and only then the procedure is performed if you are a suitable candidate. 

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